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Miller Angus Farms
Annual Bull Sale

Selling 100 STOUT Yearling Registered Angus Bulls & "NEW" this year,
20 Yearling Registered Angus HEIFERS from our KEEPER PEN that are the COWPOWER caliber.

ALL BULLS are i50K Genetic Tested. Will be ultrasounded and Semen tested prior to sale day.
April 15th, 2017
Sale Time: 1PM SHARP
Location: Huron Continental Marketing - Huron, SD

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Absentee phone bidding available:
Kody Miller - 605. 690.1997
Brett Miller - 605.690.7261
Greg Miller - 605.690.4399

Free Delivery NATIONWIDE to mutual locations/Salebarns
$75 off if you haul your bull home SALE DAY

Call our office at 605.873.2852 or email us at
for a SALE CATALOG or to make an appointment to view the bulls or females.

For questions about bulls or heifers, directions or to set up an appointment to view the sale offering please call:
Kody-605.690.1997, Brett-605.690.7261, Greg-605.690.4399, Brady-605.690.5733, Zach-605.690.6361


Click on AAA # to view extended pedigree
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Millers Tomahawk J488
DOB: 03/12/2016

AAA: 18662821
Here's a nice long bodied bull with the added muscle shape.
The Tomahawks have been well received in the last 3 years on our sale for
prime reason. They have the longevity and performance to cover cows and put
them easy doing, scale topper calves on the ground.

Millers Unanimous J339
DOB: 03/03/2016

AAA: 18663248
This Vision Unanimous 1418 son has been a standout since he was born. He's got that herd bull look. J339 is a stout, heavy muscled bull. Smooth enough shouldered, and extended in that front end to not have to worry about calving issues. He's the type of bull that will add pounds to your calf crop from day 1. Look at his WW ratio of 111. Efficiency is the definition of this bull.



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Millers Duty J28
DOB: 02/28/2016

AAA: 18662814
We are really happy with our Tour of Duty sons this year. They added the eye appealing look and dropped the body depth into our cattle. These Duty sons selling are deep bodied, stout made, heavy marbling bulls that will go out and perform at the highest level of every cattleman's expectations.

Millers Solution J300
DOB: 03/06/2016

AAA: 18663229
This bull has been a stud ever since he hit the ground running. He is out of a first calf In Focus 4925 heifer. If you are looking for a "sleep all night" kind of bull that you can breed heifers to, this is your guy. Phenotypically, this bull is a portrait of a herd bull. Genetically, he is as sound as they come.



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Millers Trustmark J120
DOB: 03/11/2016

A heavy muscled, big butted bull here. The Trustmarks are known to add the needed marbling and muscularity to their calves that peform well in the feedlot. The Trustmark offspring are the cattlemans kind for wanting them consistent calves that every feeder wants in their feedlot.

Millers Identity J429
DOB: 03/07/2016

AAA: 18663242
We couldn't be more happy with how our B&B Identity son from Koupals has worked on our cows. He gets better with age. His bulls have the depth of body and stoutness, the rugged herd bull look that will add pounds to your calves over night. We have found this bull to a versatile kind of bull siring the rugged herd bulls, but also providing us with some COWPOWER keeping kind of females. IF your looking for a bull that will stamp your calves with efficiency but more importantly sire them replacement type of females, look long and hard at this Identity son. His ratios are top notch from WW-YW and with a EPD of +30 on Milk, those are the type of heifers your going to want to keep.



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Millers Capitalist J233
DOB: 03/09/2016

AAA: 18662852
The Capitalist calves cross the scales in first place on our ranch this past fall in both the bull and heifer categories.
We are keeping many Capitalist daughters back to put into production in our herd. This bull is the kind of bull that will add value to your calves.
He's a large framed, long bodied, big butted bull that is explosive in his muscle definition. With a impressive 832 act. WW and 115 WWR, he is destined to
add the power and pounds to your calves.



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Millers Duty J109
DOB: 03/09/2016

AAA: 18665134
This Tour of Duty son is a fancy lookin' herd bull prospect. He's got the added look to produce them fancy replacement heifers and he has the performance and stoutness to produce the reputable sale bulls and scale toppin feeder calves. Out of one of our best IN FOCUS C228 daugthers that has high performing calves every year. Look at this guys EPD's and find this bull on sale day.

Millers In Focus J167

AAA: 18663225
One of the best numbered, heavy muscled bulls we have ever sold. He's a moderate framed bull, packed full of muscle. We are nearing the end of the In Focus 4925 era. This year will be the last year where we will be offering a number of bulls out of him. We are releasing the rest of what we have in semen inventory to the public and offering the best females we have in the class of 2016 on THIS SALE. There isn't enough words or space on this website to discuss what In Focus 4925 has done for us, besides offering this deep set of bulls and the VERY best females in this sale. There is a reason we have kept over 200 females back in our own herd out of this legend. Take advantage on our April 15th sale day.




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Millers Consensus J483
DOB: 02/29/2016

AAA: 18725075
Here is a bruiser of a bull in terms of muscularity and power. The Consensus 938x offspring exceed all expectations and top all categories as for carcass traits. Good efficient cattle that feed well and perform in the feedlot.

Millers Duty J98
DOB: -3/21/2016

AAA: 18662822
Another excellent Tour of Duty son that is long spined and extended through that front end. Smooth shouldered and got some muscle to boot. Out of an outstanding In Focus 4925 daughter.




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Millers In Focus J73
DOB: 03/04/2016

AAA: 18662830
A heavy muscled, deep bodied beast of a herd bull.
He will sire scale toppin feeder calves for sure.
Hes the cattleman's kind
Millers Duty J296

AAA: 18665261
Heres a larger framed, long bodied Tour of Duty son.
Sound Structured and rugged in his appearance.
He will sire them growth efficient calves you all can appreciate.



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Millers Solution J395
DOB: 03/11/2016

AAA: 18663232
This is in our eyes, the very best herd bull prospect in the sale offering this year. This powerful son of Connealy Final Solution is out of a powerful In Focus 4925 granddaughter. This mating flat out works everytime. What we have found with these 2 genetic linings, is they cross and click on 99% of what you mate them to. This bull has great extension through that front 1/3 with a smooth shoulder setting. He is heavy muscled and longer spined with excellent rib shape. This is the "sweet dreams" kind of bull that you don't have to worry about going out in the middle of the night to assist cows. Calving ease champion and bred to perform. Take a close look to his spread and EPD's. "Performance & Profit" he's a guarantee. Look him up sale day. Call me if you can't make it, you don't want to miss out on this bull

Millers In Focus J79
DOB: 03/19/2016

AAA: 18662811
Another powerhouse bull out of In Focus 4925.
This bull will sire easy fleshing, heavy muscled cattle that will be scale toppers and PRIME on feed efficiency and marbling. Call us when you get ready to sell his calves.



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Millers Identity J341

AAA: 18662879
A very powerful made Identity son that is mild in his BW.
He was efficient in his growth from day 1 to now.
A sure sire on producing calves that grow.
Millers Duty J189
DOB: 03/03/2016

AAA: 18724887
Here's long bodied, powerfully constructed Duty son.
Out of an older Connealy Whitman that raises high quality
calves every year. A calving ease class bull prospect.



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Millers Full Power J205
DOB: 02/22/2016

AAA: 18662591
Here's a moderate framed bull out of our $27,000 Full Power son we selected in 2015 from Connealy Angus Ranch. If your looking for a smooth made, calving ease champion, then take a look at this guy on sale day. He is the only Full Power son we are offering this year as we were heavy in heifers out of him last year. This bull is stout made, square hipped, smooth shouldered and extended in his front end. You will appreciate what this bull brings to the table.

Millers In Focus J31
DOB: 02/29/2016

AAA: 18662804
This bull comes into the sale offering with the 2nd highest $B value at 156.85. If your looking for a true herd bull out of the legendary In Focus 4925 that is siring high dollar bulls all over the country along with sale topping females, buy this bull on April 15th. He is the cattleman's kind.



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Millers Trustmark J373
DOB: 03/16/2016

AAA: 18663220
Heavy muscled, stout made bull that is still a safe guarantee for HEIFERS.
Out of an In Focus granddaughter and posts a +8 on his Calving Ease Direct
along with a +0 on BW. He was only 72lbs at birth. This bull will sire them
calves that will hit the ground running and grow.

Millers J431
DOB: 03/22/2016

AAA: 18663244
An outstanding Capitalist son that is a slick haired, long bodied bull,
shaking with muscle. This bull is out of heavy milking IN Focus 4925 daughter. Recommended for cows



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Millers Miss Blackcap J334 of MAF
DOB: 02/25/2016

AAA: 18701458
This is our first year of offering females and we wanted to dig deep into the cookie jar and present you with some of the best COWPOWER replacement females that we normally would keep for ourselves. This In Focus 4925 daughter is as good as they come in terms of completeness and balance. Big bodied, sleek necked and feminine in her overall appearance. This diva is rock solid in her performance and her EPD's are top notch. Find this cornerstone female on sale day! LOT 114

Millers Lassie Jo J25 of MAF
DOB: 02/29/2016

AAA: 18701395
Another COWPOWER female out of the great Connealy In Focus 4925. There is a reason we have over 200 daughters out of 4925. Its because the females look like this. Take the mud off of her and she could be on the front cover of any magazine in the country. Her neck/should placement is ideal and shes as shapely in her rib cage for any cattleman to appreciate and admire. Find her on sale day, she's lot 103.




For Sale
Millers Lady Bell J58 of MAF
DOB: 03/02/2016

AAA: 18701362
THE ONLY Capitalist daughter in the offering.
We liked the Capitalist sired heifer calves so much this year and with plans on keeping a majority of them for our own herd,
we figured we better offer one of the best COWPOWER candidates out of that sire group. This larger framed, longer bodied
heifer is smooth made, feminine fronted and deep bodied. Shes sound structured and walks with arrogance.
Find LOT 105 on sale day because this is the type of heifer to raise them high quality offspring.


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